This is what a bisexual Lilac Queen looks like

Photo of woman with short blond hair wearing a lilac dress, lilac textured coat, and lilac fannnypack in front of a lilac wall. Self-description: Lilac represents transformation, intuition, creativity and spiritual power. Purple expresses gender as a combination of female and male energy because it is a mix of the traditional girl and boy colours. It is associated with the fluidity of non-binarity and with sexual and gender diversity. Lilac is a softer – more naive – version of purple. It awakens playfulness and gives us a feeling of tenderness and care. I do not see naivety as something negative; it allows us to think out of the box. I am aware of our binary thinking and I am interested in the space where it converges, where it becomes complex. I use the colour lilac as a playful phenomenon of the boundary: where it naively comes together, where it is fluid.

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