Description is exactly Photo of a person smiling at the camera, standing with a small white and grey dog in their arms. They wear a beige sweater and have short, salt-and-pepper hair. Self-description: Because I was born with a rare disease called Moebius Syndrome that prevented me from smiling with that big toothy grin, I always felt less than. Less than pretty, less than interesting, and most importantly less than desirable. The only thing I thought I had going for me was my long (blown dried bone straight) dyed blond hair that I wore long past my shoulders. On my sixty - sixth birthday I decided to free myself from the tyranny of my 30 minute daily tussle with my blow dryer and cut all of my hair off. The morning of the cut I was terrified but also exhilarated. Who would I be without my long hair? The answer came to me the moment I looked in the mirror seconds after the cut was finished. “Free.” I thought to myself, “I’m finally free.”
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