Description is exactly ToC Caring for Our Own by Victoria A. Brownworth (p10); Sandy Nelson v. The News Tribune by Lee Solomon (p24); She Recruits by Katie Brown (p26); Sparkling Sapphire by Rachel Pepper (p34); A Warrior Makes Her Mark by Kim Compoc and H.B. Narumanchi (p36); Roseanne Tells and Kisses by Val C. Phoenix (p42); Katherine V. Forrest: Flashpoint by Katie Brown (p50); Tune In… by Alicia Banks (p52); Stonewall: It Wasn’t One More Raid by Kate Brandt (p18); Stonewall: The Queer Revolution by Maria De La O (p28); NYC: The Place to Be on Gay Games IV and Stonewall 25 celebrations [Cover Story] (p32).
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