Description is exactly ToC Cover: Bringing Sexy Back, For Real [The Real L Word] by Rachel Shatto (p30); Pride Issue; Not a 'T' Party by Ashley Love (p36); A Guatemalan Affair (p38); At Home on the High Seas by Kathy Belge (p62); Lone Star Pride by Jillian Eugenios (p72); Pride Vox Pop by Jillian Eugenios (p43); The Power of a Few by Lauren Barkume (p46); Where the Bois Are by Laniaya Hoofatt (p50); Lovers in Beijing by Cédric Spilthooren (p54); Jersey Girls by Patricia A. Post (p60); Pride at 30,000 Feet by Yana Tallon-Hicks (68); Cover Photo by Warwick Saint/Showime.
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