Description is exactly ToC Editor's Note (p4); Letters (p6); News and Notes (p8); Books: Venus Envy (p14); Poetry: Gerry Pearlberg (p28); Travel: New Orleans (p30); Fashion: Dykewear (p32); Lesbofile (p46); Music Watch: Hot Licks from Cool Chicks - Kathleen Hanna, Pussy Tourette, Zap Mama, Meg Hentges, Margie Adam (p52): Mail Order (p57); Personals (p61); Classifieds (p62); Hey Baby: The Butch/Femme Dilemma (p64); Commentary New York Times/CBS Poll by Karen Peper (p10); 5 Lesbian Brothers subversive comedy by Zelie Pollon (p12); Cover Story - Kelly Lynch by Wendy Jill York (p16); Visibility media discovers dykes by Kate Brandt (p20); Martha Wash from Sylvester to solo (p22); Stone Butch by Victoria A. Brownworth (p24); Reflections on the book Stone Butch Blues by Diane Anderson (p25); Et L’Amour a new lesbian erotic film (p34); The Comprehensive Lesbian image test by Tori Joseph (p38); March on Washington by Katie Brown (p42); Sabrina Matthews down-home comic by Carol Cheh (p50).
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