Description is exactly ToC Pride Issue; Adventuring With Wild Woman by Jennifer Corday (p26); On the Cover: Girls in Love [Alix Olson and Pamela Means] by Malinda Lo (p50); 2006 Photo Contest Winners (p56); Show Us Your Pride: Festival Favorites by Diane Anderson-Minshall (p30); Racing for a Cause by Aefa Mulholland (p32); Blasts from the Past by Malinda Lo (p34); The Power of Pride by Jocelyn Voo (p36); Best When Fresh by Zak Szymanski (p40); Getting Zen by Malinda Lo (p42); Fat Girl Speaks by Diane Anderson-Minshall (p44); Fantastic Voyage by John Esther (p46); Artsy Tartsy by Jocelyn Voo (p48): Cover Photo by Desdemona Burgin.
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