The Archive


In 2021, Curve magazine became a not-for-profit project of The Curve Foundation, evolving into an online magazine archive. The Curve Archive seeks to harness our collective LGBTQ+ histories by providing free, online access to the thirty-year run of Curve and Deneuve magazines, as well as through digital exhibitions and community programming.

Drawing from a throughline between what was happening at the time it launched in the 1990s to what’s happening today for the Curve Community, the Curve magazine archive fills a critical niche by providing a way to understand our history, thereby informing our actions into the future. 

This living archive is a remarkable storehouse of our culture and advancements since 1991. Relive our many milestones and achievements, or if you are new to our community, catch up on the last 30 years of ‘herstory.’ The Curve Archive is a developing project that preserves our collective history as published in back issues of Deneuve and Curve magazines for past generations and those to come.

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