This Is What A Lesbian Looks Like:

Digital Exhibit

In June 2023 The Curve Archive held an open call for digital submissions for our This Is What A Lesbian Looks Like photography contest! We proudly followed the legacy of representation, self-expression, and creativity found in Curve magazine's lesbian life photo contests.

We invited community members to submit photos expressing who they are and how they self-identify, letting folks title their photos by filling in the phrase “This Is What A ____ Looks Like.” We hoped this would let people know that — in addition to lesbians — queer women, trans, non-binary folks, and others should feel encouraged to participate and are welcome in our Curve community. We received fabulous descriptions and titles varying from “This is what a mermaid looks like” to “This is what a Trans Femme Lesbian Feminist looks like” to “This is what a Pansexual, Polyamorous, Badass Queen looks like.”

All of the submissions are proudly displayed in this digital exhibit in order of submission. 

To learn more about Curve magazine’s legacy of lesbian life photo contests, read the Curve Quarterly article about it at!


See where in the world all of the submissions came from! 

All submissions for the
This Is What A Lesbian Looks Like
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